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Its time to check out a new EP from Planet Mu’s Rudi Zygadlo, which is set to drop in September on the ever cool Pictures Music…three sets of different mastering later apparently.

We have probably the most abstract of the EP tracks, it’s something of an electronic Sea Shanty. It’s a pretty crazy record that ends on a locked groove of a breathing sound, probably not something to fall asleep listening to.

‘There is a distinct pop character running through all four tracks, though all the while Zygadlo fights it with unexpected twists and turns, general musical filigree and good humour, which lends itself to the narrative based musicality of the compositions. Title track, “Achtung!” is a pastiche dig at electro, with self-remonstrative lyrics exploring youth and materialism. The song culminates with, heavy organ chords stretched over a straight four beat (influences equally attributable to Justice or Chromeo). “The Deaf School” is possibly the track most in keeping with his previous work. It opens with an incredible wash of pulsating and darkly brooding synths which explosively modulate into the opening verse where Zygadlo displays a matured lyrical coherency in describing a composer’s neuroses concerning personal relationships and the loss of hearing. Dance-friendly stuff. Though, perhaps the highlight is the opener, Catherine; a lost beloved, a futile war and a motherless son. It is sung with an introspective sincerity, backed by decorative guitar and a fitting, nostalgic trumpet line.’

RUDI ZYGADLO – Variously Made Men


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