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Never shy of bringing new flavours to the table, Tectonic introduce a new artist to the label’s increasingly eclectic roster. And he goes by the name of Decibel.

Originally born and raised in London, Jay Fontaine aka Decibel later hopped over to Newcastle for a few years and now can be found based in Belfast. Jay is a producer with broad musical tastes and influences that have led to him making music that just doesn’t quite fit in any one box.

Over the 4 excellent EP tracks Decibel shows us how he is able to cherry pick the bits he likes from hip hop, crunk, dubstep, juke, hardcore, electro, pop, glitch, electronica and bring them into his own world… In the wrong hands this could come out a right mess but Decibel brings these elements together quite naturally.

The results are something along the lines of what might happend if Lil Wayne’s producer Mannie Fresh sat down with Diplo, Girl Unit and Rustie to make a beat whilst drinking several cans of red bull.

‘While G.A.P’ and ‘M.S.T’ take things along a bit more of a pounding hip hop / dubstep sub-bass line; ‘Miss’ and ‘Gyal’ see a more melodic and glitchy side come out. All 4 tracks are pure unique quality. Presumably you arent just going to go on our word, so have a listen.



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