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South London Ordnance…

DJ Weekly Podcast: South London Ordnance

1. Trevino – Tweakanomics (Revolv:r)
2. Boddika & Joy O – Dun Dun (Sunklo)
3. Bobby Champs – Bureau (CDR)
4. Goldffinch – Pixel Perfect (CDR)
5. Skudge – Surplus (Echocord Colour)
6. Saaeon Express – To The Third District (CDR)
7. Paleman – Halfout VIP (CDR)
8. Jon Convex – What I Need ft. Velvitt (Convex Industries)
9. Conforce – Let Your Body, Make Your Body (Jared Wilson remix) (Dolly)
10. Tom Demac – Critical Distance Pt. II (Hypercolour)
11. Psycatron & Secret Cinema – Loopwaffle (Inflyte Records)
12. South London Ordnance – Revolver (CDR)


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