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Born and raised in South East London, of Guyanese and British decent, Rainy Milo came onto the local music scene with a conviction and presence not to be ignored.

At the age of 14 rainy began working on collaborations, and singing parts on songs with local artists and several music and arts collectives from around her area:

“ I was desperate to surround myself with talented people my age, I wanted to feel part of something, to feel understood and share my passion with other people who strived to be better than themselves too. There was so little of that where I live ; an area which gave little hope to anyone, its almost like they were told that they had a crappy fate and were willing to just go along with it. “

Her mission was to express herself creatively without the opinions or influence of others, she set out to record her own music resulting in her debut mix tape entitled Limey. A collection of songs written on red buses, tubes, cloudy days and chilly nights in London.

Rainy began putting the word out to her peers that she was looking for music to suit her very direct and soulful vocal style and through that word of mouth came all the musical ideas that she began writing to. Ideas poured in from all over the world, carefully choosing the most inspiring ones including and idea from Australian artist Chet Faker which she titled ‘Don’t Regret Me’ as well as a record from Los Angeles Producer Cole M.G.N called ‘This Thing Of Ours’.

On a short break from London Rainy made excellent use of a small private studio filled with vintage gear and classic microphones to record the vocals for the five songs that would become her debut release, ‘Limey’. Upon arrival home to London she posted one of the 5 songs ‘ The Other Way’ a sparse, dark hip hop record that clearly questions the direction of a relationship.

We now have a listen and download of said ‘Limey EP’ for you to listen to and download. Enjoy.


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