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Simian Mobile Disco…

A Form Of Change EP

LWE Podcast 139: Simian Mobile Disco


01. Four Tet, “Peace For Earth” [Text Records]
02. MMM, “MMM Meets Tshetsha Boys” (SMD edit) [white*]
03. Hounds of Hate, “Purple Stuff” (ZODA CADE remix)
[How The Other Half Lives]
04. Forward Strategy Group, “Nihil Novi” [Perc Trax]
05. Tin Man, “Falling Acid” [Keys Of Life]
06. Joachim Spieth, “Sensual” [Affin LTD]
07. Tuff City Kids, “Begger” [Unterton]
08. Shake, “Sonar 123″ [Peacefrog Records]
09. DBX, “Losing Control” [Accelerate Records]
10. Sei A, “Paraphaze” [Turbo]
11. Dieptepunt, “Feeling Deep” (808 Mix) [Dieptepunt]
12. Roman Flügel, “O.T.H.” [Live At Robert Johnson]
13. Skudge, “Convolution” [Skudge]
14. Alden Tyrell, “Rush” [Clone Basement Series]
15. Cosmin TRG, “Vertigo” [50Weapons]
16. Mobius & Beerbohm, “Doppelschnitt” (SMD edit) [white*]
17. Jim Rivers, “Phoenix” [Intec Digital]
18. Simian Mobile Disco, “Wooden” (version) [Wichita*]
19. Kuedo, “Whisper Fate” [Planet Mu]
20. The Mole, “Shifter” [Maybe Tomorrow]

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