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New York’s Flubba gave us one of the most popular 12-3-releases to date earlier in 2012. Where title track ‘Can’t Wait’ was charted, blogged, played and loved to the very limit. Now, a good five months later, the follow up remix-ep drops.

Lingustic genious, L.A-son 2 Edit, opens the EP by turning the track down and maximizing the pressure through his colder cut. A brilliant low key-take on the deep original.

Uppsala DJ Leav adds gliding synths and delayed perfection with his 03 o’clock banger of a remix. Orphans STHLM make ‘Can’t Wait’ a creative techno-track. And finally, Brendan Witherspoon a.k.a Spoonz lets the creativity flow free with the surprise-track of the EP.

The whole lot is available now. Check out the previews below.

Flubba – Can’t Wait Remixes EP

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