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Nightwave in rehearsal rooms

Red Bull Studios London Mix Monday – Nightwave

Track List
Bags Of Time – Kelpe (Neon Jung Wormhole Remix) (Svetlana Industries)
Ronin – Capracara (Kodiak Remix) (UTTU)
Ginmixer – Bad Autopsy (Ramp)
Work That Motherfu**er – Steve Poindexter (Muzique)
Tear Tha Fu**in Club Up – DJ Haus (UTTU)
Future – The Count and Sinden (Canblaster Remix) (Cheap Thrills)Palenque – Nightwave (UTTU)
Down & Up – Obey City (White Label)
This Is Sick – Krueger (Paradisiaca)
I Go Boom – Addison Groove (50 Weapons)
Spring Romance – Shy One (DVA)
Go Hard – Nightwave (Unreleased)
Mercy – Kanye West (Nicki Minaj Version) (Unreleased)
City Star VIP – Rustie (Unreleased)
Fire Hoes – Nightwave (Unreleased)
Give It Up – Twista & Pharrell (Nightwave Bootleg) (Unreleased)
Armageddon – Mark Archer (Nightwave Ravemix) (Balkan Vinyl)
Rave Juke – Sinistarr (Loose Squares)
Purple Flowers – Mele (Unreleased)
House Party – Meek Mill (MMG)
Magic Carpet – Nightwave (Unreleased)
Perkk – Rustie (Unreleased)
Invisible Hand – Dawn Day Night ft Emilski (Loose Squares)
Countdown – Beyonce (Harvey Kartels Coloursound Remix) (Unreleased)

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