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For the latest release on his Grizzly label, UK-born US-based DJ/producer Sinden joins forces with a rising star from the other side of the globe – Sydney’s Elizabeth Rose.

Making a name for herself in her homeland and beyond with her technicolour videos and a fondness for outlandish stagewear, bloggers are hailing this one-woman beatsmith the female TEED, and she more than lives up to the hype with her latest release. ‘Again’ featuring Sinden sees Rose’s sultry sweet vocals strut over a trap-esque beat and glimmering production as she breathily recalls a relationship gone sour.

‘Again’ is backed with ‘Ready’, 21 year-old Rose’s debut single in Australia. The infectious original sees her fuse deliciously multilayered and pitched down vocals with fizzing synths and a distinct pop sensibility, while on the remix tip Hyperdub’s Morgan Zarate delivers a dynamic, hard-edge reworking. Sinden offers up a clubbier take in his own inimitable style and fellow Aussie Frames turns ‘Again’ into a moody nu-disco stomper to complete the package.

“I first met Elizabeth on a DJ tour of Australia in 2011,” Sinden recalls. “Sydney provided a couple of days of downtime and, never one to slouch, I made some enquiries into new local vocalists to work with. I was introduced to Elizabeth and we hit it off in the studio straight away. She’s a really incredible talent as a singer songwriter and producer, I’m really excited that I can finally share these tracks.”

Elizabeth Rose featuring Sinden – Again

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