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Originally a subsidiary of seminal French label Institubes, Sound Pellegrino – curated by renowned DJs and taste makers Orgasmic and Teki Latex from pioneering electronic hip hop outfit TTC – has quickly established itself as one of the labels to reckon with, releasing singles by Zombie Disco Squad, Renaissance Man, L-VIS 1990 and Para One (amongst others).

They now present their latest release, the ‘Botanica Dub EP’ (out 5th November) by Matthias Zimmermann, a preview of a track from said EP can be heard below, entitled ‘Vincente’. Here’s what Teki had to say about the track:

‘Vincente’ is the hidden gem of the Botanica Dub EP. Relentless drums built around a reconstructed filtered tear-jerking rainbow r&b guitar solo which will turn your world into a black neon French movie romance where you’ll be spinning and whirling in slow motion while holding your lover’s arms until you both take off and reach the stars. A nice way to wrap up this dreamy EP, the new theme songs for life on the colourful archipelago situated inside composer Matthias Zimmerman’s head.”



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