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Tectonic presents a collection of tracks from label boss Pinch – a selection of rarer cuts – remixes, b-sides and compilation exclusives – gathered together and made available on CD / digital bundle for the very first time.

The tracks are arranged chronologically, starting with the origianl b-side to one of Pinch’s better known titles – ‘Qawwali’ – with the VIP providing a darker version to the original’s lighter touch.

Neatly following next is a largely overlooked remix by Pinch of the legedary qawwali vocalist Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, running at a 116bpm tempo rather the more typical dubstep tempo circa 140bpm.

As the tracks progress through the time period of their release from 2006-2010 you can see trends forming with periods of dark wobble (‘Chamber Dub’, ‘Cave Dream’) moving into more techno inspired soundscapes (‘136 Trek’, ‘Mutate(d)’) and later, more wonky-beat orientated rhythms (‘Motion Sickness’, ‘Attack Of The Giant Killer Robot Spiders!’), before rounding up with some classic remixes in the shape of ‘Rise Up’ and ‘Double Edge’.

The CD also features ‘Elements’, taken from Swamp 81’s vinyl-only catalogue (the flipside to ‘Croydon House’), although this is not part of the digital package (by special request of Swamp 81).

Hidden in the CD somewhere and available as a bundle-only track in the digital package is Pinch’s first ever ‘dubstep’ track, ‘Deserted Island’, made available for the very first time since it was first put together on Fruity Loops (music sequencing program) back in 2004.

Pinch – Missing In Action

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