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Adrian Recordings & Bam Spacey…

Track artwork

Adrian Recordings Advent Sunday Mixtapes 2012- 1st Advent by BAM SPACEY

Songs used:
1. Edda Magnason – Jona (Intro/Danish Forest)
2. MF/MB/ – art & soul (diskJokke remix)
3. YAST – Because of You (Sail A Whale Remix) (downtown cut-up)
4. YAST – Believes (DÖDEN Remix)
5.Edda Magnason- (Loop Rip/Welsh Countryside)
6. Edda Magnason – Jona (Vidderna Remix) (Niva Remix) (Thunderstorm Reprise)
7. YAST – Believes (Dunklet feat. Simian Ghost Remix) (Waves Outro)

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