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Piff Gang & S-Type…

‘Greenhouse’ is the fourth mixtape from London hip-hop collective Piff Gang, which features an original production by LuckyMe’s S-Type, who also mix & mastered the tape.

“Whilst maintaining the botanical theme from our last tape ‘PLANTLIFE’, our new offering is a collection of eleven tracks. Through original production from Budgie, Crankz, Sumgii, JD Reid & S-Type (Lucky Me) and versatile flows from the group’s seven emcees, a new strain has emerged.

Whilst of course a reference to our love of greenery, ‘GREENHOUSE’ is also a metaphor for our production technique and plans of global expansion. When Piff Gang make tracks, it is somewhat like a hydroponic grow operation; the songs are the plants which we nurture and cultivate and will be only be cut down, cured and consumed until completely ready. Piff Gang are not amateur gardeners either, we have magical green thumbs that ensure we produce the most potent, intoxicating product.

The term ‘GREENHOUSE’ also refers to the effect we hope to have on the world, as the Piff Gang brand gains more worldwide exposure through the internet and other mediums, we hope everyone can enjoy the effects of our high grade product. Through a combination of cutting edge musical production, clever wordplay and unique, clever visuals…Piff Gang are definitely hotting things up like global warming.”

Piff Gang will play their first headline show on 10th December at Birthdays with support from Darq E Freaker.

Piff Gang – Greenhouse

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