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Renaissance Man are dropping a new single ‘Call2Call’ on 28th January through Turbo Recordings and we couldn’t be happier. Not least because, as a fan, my birthday is a mere three days later and i’m going to grab a copy as a treat to myself. It’s a bit of a change from previous works, showcasing a broodier club orientated theme, but we’ll leave it to them to explain:

“We’re both big electro fans since a long time and it felt it was the right time to finally write stuff like that. We wanted to take our music back to the club after the less clubby album. And we wanted to craft something dirty and bleepy and not 4/4 to counteract the safe cleanliness and straightness of a lot of dance music right now.”

“The telephonic theme came about accidentally, just by experimenting with some noises we’ve recorded. At some point it started to feel like the whole record should be dedicated to telemarketing, call centers and email scammers, sort of the shadier side of communication.”



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