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Top Billin head honcho Sir Nenis has compiled the second in his Premium Crates compilation.

“All tracks have been hand-picked and tested on our gigs so you can expect only quality. Featuring the talent of already familiar names as well as new talent and tracks ranging from house to uk funky and from ghetto cuts to garage, this compilation is packed with goodies for any dj. At Top Billin we’re all about the dj, so make sure you don’t miss this.”



Fisky – Cherry Lotion (Original Mix)
Mozza! & DJ Dizzy – Oy Vey Vey (Original Mix)
Tony Goods – Eviction (Original Mix)
La Mine Express – Maiale (Original Mix)
Top Billin Team & DJ Venum – Ghetto ##Star (Original Mix)
ClubHeadSLiim – I’m A Freak (Original Mix)
Rishi Romero – Mayhem (Act Yo Age Remix)
Oh! My! – Back In The Day (Original Mix)
Spox – She Don’t Lie (Original Mix)
Harkan – Yo! (Original Mix)
Veit B – Castle (Original Mix)
Lorcan Mak – 4 The Love (Tagteam Terror Remix)
DJ Venum – House Ganster (Original Mix)
Sir Nenis – Freaks (Marvy Remix)
One Dark Martian – 1994 (Original Mix)
Futurizm – 808 Symphony (Original Mix)
Fobator – Feel Good (Original Mix)
Wolfhaus – Crossed (Original Mix)


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