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Lana Del Rey & Adam Freeland…

Track artwork

Adam Freeland on his mix of Lana Del Rey’s ‘Summertime Sadness’:

“Like any piece of art its a mash up of a lifetime of influences. I seem to wear my influences quite literally. You can hear that The beats are straight up Classic electro. Electro tracks which infleunced me in my teens were Hashim-Al-Naafiysh (The Soul), Cybotron -Clear, Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force-Planet Rock And artists like Kraftwerk, Aux 88, Drexia, Whodini.

The pads were blatantly inspired by Angelo Badalamenti’s Twin peaks soundtrack . Any excuse to reference my hero David Lynch.

The other influences are more contemporary: The production vibe influenced by the current Dirty bird stuff, The 808 Bassline was inspired by Julio Bashmore’s style. The chopped up vocal hook was inspired by Holy Other’s sound. Thier Ep ‘With U’ was on loop in my home all of last year.

The arpeggiated Synths were done using my current favourite toy a Pocket Piano and my long standing best friend my Korg MS 20 which i bought on ebay from Japan about 5 years ago.
Also a U-he Diva Softsynth has been my recent secret weapon.

I tried to do something really out there with the vocal so it sounds like a weird synth part and slowly morphs in the the full vocal as her vocal is so ‘poppy’ i didn’t want to over do it,.

I just used the backing vocals from the stems I got from Lana, i didn’t actually use her main lead vocal at all. The backing vocals were really dreamy and feel good. If you listen to the Original, She sings really low and that didn’t work with the vibe i wanted to take this on.


Lana Del Rey -SUMMERTIME SADNESS – Adam Freeland Vox mix


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