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Sega Bodega (aka Salvador Navarrete) is set to release his debut EP ’34’ on April 1st through London-based independent label Week of Wonders.

Glasgow-born and currently residing in Barcelona, Navarrete inhabits the same universe as contemporaries and fellow Scots Rustie and HudMo and creates sonic cinemascapes driven by futuristic beats, merging Barcelona sunbeams with Glasgow gloom for a decidedly fresh take on the current UK club sound.

The ‘34’ EP is a melting pot of intricate, emotive productions, kicking off with the relentless space-stomp of ‘Konerak’, the soundtrack to the sci-fi movie of your dreams. ‘Tantarantana’ goes a little darker with a crystalline synth line dancing around a murky, shuffling beat, while ‘Tuomi’ is the Tetris theme on warp speed. Things take an unexpectedly introspective turn on the beatless, meditative ‘Samson’, and the 5-track EP draws to a close with the deliciously chopped vocals and rushing euphoria of ‘Luxor Quest I & II’.



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