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Manchester’s Krystal Klear, resident at Hoya:Hoya night and producer of some of the most compulsive modern disco and boogie of recent years, is set to release his Addiction EP through Rinse on 18th March.

It might seem like something of a curveball for Rinse to be putting out a 12″ rooted in disco, but there’s a razor sharp pop edge to ‘Addiction’ that sits perfectly alongside the smart, soulful and club-friendly mutations of labelmates like Katy B, Brackles and Roska. That said, it’s still markedly different to anything Rinse has released to date and furthermore illustrates that Rinse are the go to label for the freshest innovative artists. Here is a deliciously funky slice of modern boogie driven by a fat analogue bassline and swirling strings, all capped off with a towering vocal performance from Jenna G.

In keeping with disco’s history as the birthplace of the modern remix and the extended 12″ single, the title track is joined by an extended instrumental edit that blasts the original into deep space. All cosmic string flourishes and robotic synth chatter, it repeatedly explodes from periods of rhythm driven downtime into soaring melodic crescendos, allowing it to work both either as a DJ tool or as a set’s highlight in its own right. B-side ‘No Sweat’, meanwhile, is a slinkier and more romantic companion to the bombast of the title track, with chimes and synthetic strings picking out woozy intertwined melodies above a strutting bassline.

Krystal Klear feat. Jenna G – Addiction

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