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As they count down to the first ever Pleasure Principle weekender, the team behind it get set to dedicate a full evening to the Tweak-A-Holic series where Jackmaster will be joined by long time partner-in-crime Spencer plus specially selected guests in a private gallery in Shoreditch, London.

Tweak-A-Holic is a concept rooted in the sound of 80s R&B, disco, freestyle and screamers of all decades. Music that, by many, would be described as a guilty pleasure but is so much more than that. These songs were technically ahead of the game in the 1980’s with fearless producers taking advantage of new developments in midi, sequencing, synthesisers and drum machines to produce futuristic pop songs for the kids to dance to.

It’s the sound of the Pointer Sisters, Nile Rodgers, Whitney Houston and Colonel Abrahms all playing back-to-back at your girl’s house party where everyone is dancing on tables and volume 11 just isn’t loud enough.

Jackmaster – Tweak-A-Holic #3

Download HERE.


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