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Sunless ’97…

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“Both songs are about dawn, about the two opposite spectrums of a relationship with that time of day. The ‘never lonely’ lyric in ‘Aurora I’ is key to the feeling of that song. The euphoric vibes of walking home after a night of dancing, feeling content, at peace and not ‘lonely’ even though you are walking home alone.

‘Aurora II’ is the darker side of being up all night again and again and not being in such a good place. Being sick of the moonlight.’

So explain three-piece Sunless ’97 about the emotions behind their spine-tingling new release. They return to the Not Even label following last years ‘Body Weather/Azul’ split.

Both tracks originated as jams on drum machines before the band built them up layer by layer, creating abstracted pop songs in true sunless style.

The 808 drum patterns underpinning the work points the listener to the influence of 80s proto-house and disco on the new record. The band are huge fans of drummer and producer Tom Skinner (who records under the name Hello Skinny). They co-produced the music together to bring his skill with real drums and analogue synths and achieve a deeper texture. Having heard Skinner’s work on the radio, they hunted him down out to collaborate on the jazz and dub stylings of this vinyl release.

To complete the sonic team, they worked with mixer David Wrench, a man who recorded the first Welsh language acid house record while still at school in 1989 but also recently mixed ‘Swim’ for Caribou. He brings a dance floor honed fluid sensibility to the music.

Remixes come from UK house newcomer F.E.A.R. a well as the founder of Classic Records and UK house hero Luke Solomon.

Aurora I (F.E.A.R’s Brothers & Sisters ’97 Remix)


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