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35 years ago, punk rock and reggae met at London’s legendary punk venue, The Roxy. The resultant influence started by DJ Don Letts introducing each to the other, soon appeared on defining records of the era from The Clash, Bob Marley, The Slits and a wide range of bands associated with UK’s first punk wave of the late 70’s.

Wildlife! revisits the kinship spawned from this brief but influential moment of music history, transferring it to his own era and sound for his debut album Roxy Reboot (out now on both limited edition vinyl and ‘name your price’ download.)

He tracked down legendary figures from the UK’s first punk rock movement to reinterpret their favourite reggae classics, while simlutaneously collaborating with the forefront of Jamaica’s dancehall avant-garde, to reinterpret influential punk classics and forgotten gems.

Wildlife! pushed each contributing artist to leave their respective natural habitats and face a raw and stripped down sound as the backdrop to record to. His insistence while collaborating was not to bask in nostalgia but rather attempt to capture an original and contemporary musical snapshot.

He then reached out to legendary photographer and designer Dennis Morris who contributed the iconic photo of “Big Youth and Johnny Rotten” shot in the back of Big Youth’s record shop in Kingston, 1978. It was Morris -an iconic figure in his own right- who suggested to Richard Branson that Johnny Rotten join them on the now infamous Kingston trip of ’78 as a kind of A&R, and his presence heavily influenced the discovery and release of a significant body of work from the island at the time, Virgin’s classic Frontline catalogue.

Have a listen to Wildlife’s fantastic end results below.

Wildlife! – Roxy Reboot

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