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Swami Million…

A duo composed of Si Willams and Will Horrocks, two of the founding members of LV with previous releases on renowned dance music labels such as Hyperdub, Keysound and more.

So goes the introduction to latest project Swami Million, whose ‘Sours EP’ is out today through Alter Id.

‘Lemons’ is as sour as its namesake, a slightly broken hip hop groove that grates against the clean fabric of more populist hip hop productions. It ebbs and flows between angry and sweet moments, the snare never quite hitting where you want it to, the bass rumbling against your chest. In the end though the trip is as satisfying as they get, your neck slightly worse for wear.

Continuing the namesake analogies, Sherbet is fizzy and sweet and follows along similar broken hip hop lines, this time reinforced by the kind of kick drum that’s been engineered to remove the wheat from the chaff in a live environment. Sherbet is the sort of hip hop riddim that only the bravest MCs would attempt to ride and one that evokes all that’s been exciting about hip hop’s recent worldwide beat and club mutations.

Either way, they are asking for you to suggest a pricetag. If you like what you hear, then fire some coin their way.


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