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A gorgeous, warm glow settles over ‘Youthern/Hammerspace’, the new single from London duo Cloud Boat, two beautiful, brittle, ballads which are as lovely as they are luminiscent, as if lit gloriously from within.

With their previous double A-side ‘Wanderlust/Drean’ and last year’s teaser track ‘I Left For A Reason (It Escapes Me Now)’ earning them plaudits from the likes of Pitchfork, Dummy, The Line of Best Fit and The Fader, Cloud Boat are slowly but surely carving out a distinctive path for themselves as purveyors of gorgeous, shattered-heart soul bar none.

Their new double A-side single, ‘Youthern/Hammerspace’ continues that journey, combining majestic, choral soundscapes with alluring, fractured beats to devastating effect, and is yet another reason why their forthcoming album ‘Book of Hours’ is destined to be one of the most stunningly, exquisitely heart wrenching albums you’ll hear in 2013.

Hammerspace (Mary Anne Hobbs BBC 6 Music)

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