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First Time Cover Art

Dre skull has teamed up with Megan James of Purity Ring (one of last year’s most lauded new indie outfits), whose unique ethereal and hallucinatory voice is instantly recognizable. Her first appearance on a track outside of the duo, the aptly titled ‘First Time’, propels the Dre Skull produced tune down a dramatically new path.

With dream-like phrasing floating over the euphoric beat, James delicately delivers an enchanting melody to complement the powerful, dance-driven backbone. Jamaican dancehall superstar Popcaan joins in with a strong guest verse and the end result is a track that combines pop fragility with the intensity of your first rave.

The single is out digitally on April 15th via Mixpak Records, with full package with remixes to follow in June.

Dre Skull – First Time (feat. Megan James and Popcaan)


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