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It’s nice to occasionally receive a tune that really makes you bounce and enables you to picture yourself in a club going bazzerk to the sounds being pumped out through the speaker stacks.

This bit of fire by relative newcomer Animist is surely the track to do that. We expect big things, especially after releasing music on Grant Nelson’s Freeze Dried label.

“The music is deep, bassy house in the tradition of Nottingham’s finest sound systems like DIY and Smokescreen. Laying down a groove and then drawing it out – nobody’s in a hurry here.

The end result is always the same – the dance floor catching fire.

Whether it’s in a nightclub in Ibiza or a remote clearing in The Pennines – these tunes are always going to have the same effect. Lifting up a crowd of people who know what quality music sounds like.”

Best of all (and the bit I’m assuming everyone’s here for) it’s a freebie too. What more can you ask?

Animist – Tin Head

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