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I have to confess, I’m altogether bored of umbrella terms for music. Take ‘EDM’ for example, what other type of DM is there? It’s a stupid nonsensical term for people who don’t actually like music, but still want to be seen as ‘cool’ to define the edges of it. “What music do you like?” “EDM”..sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? I don’t mean to be nasty, frankly i’m happy for you to be here and maybe hear or see something great.

And from the looks of the blurb surrounding Malente & Breakfastklub’s gloriously squelchy house noodlings in the form of ‘Danger Zone EP’ (out on No Brainer), i’m not the only one.

“This week MALENTE & BREAKFASTKLUB dropped ‘Danger Zone’. An intense piece of sonic excitement. One foot in in the rave, half an arm in house, reminiscent of all that was good about electro (R.I.P) and happy like a clown on ‘E’. This is a hit. Remixes by A.N.D.Y. (Discotexas), DONOVANS (Turbo Recordings) and THE SNEEKERS (GND Records) To complete the package MALENTE delivers ‘I 1 U 2 Love’ a love letter to all those listening in form of a Chicago influenced rump shaker.”

Malente & Breakfastklub – Danger Zone

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