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“You know, monamiejorge†apes bring people together. Last year when Boyfriend made a tape for me we ended up in a band, this is our band’s mixtape.

As soon as we had our first song and video, “Vergine”, it caught the attentions of like everyone, including people like: Diplo, Eve Berlin, Little Boots, Dinamo Azari, My Panda Shall Fly, and a ton more (I say this because I literally can not remember how much attention we received). Then we made a cover of “Call Me Maybe” and that was huge too. It was everywhere from Elektro Mag to being selected as one of the best videos of the week by Electronic Beat (T-mobile’s website). Anyways not saying all this so Im convincing you how great our band is or anything, these are just cool things that have happened — and now here’s our mixtape.

Through out it you can hear me singing Shania Twain, and it includes a lot of music that just fit us. We’re releasing our EP soon too.”

WEARE18 – Smile Mixtape

WEARE18 – Call Me Maybe

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