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All Gold Everything Remix Cover

When asked why he remixed ‘All Gold Everything’, Sahy Uhns said, “No reason except I liked the song and I wanted to remix something popular so people would like me more. Say that. Seriously.”

Closer to the truth is that Sahy Uhns just loves how ridiculous the Trinidad Jame$ track is and wanted to do something with it:

“It’s so crass and simplistic and unapologetic about it. There’s no depth beyond exactly what he’s saying. It’s like punk but flipped on its head. Punk was a total rejection of material wealth. This is like, ‘We’ll be consumer whores and you’ll wish you never turned us into that.’ ALL GOLD EVERYTHING. Belligerent impulsivity and excess.”

The remix features vocals by comedian Nate Jackson sampled from a YouTube video that Sahy Uhns found while searching for the original track. Jackson was just singing the song into the camera as a joke but Sahy Uhns liked some of his melodies and decided to use them in a remix. Stylistically, “It’s like listening to a dancehall track as a strange and scary drug is starting to take hold.”

Trinidad Jame$ – All Gold Everything Feat. Nate Jackson (Sahy Uhns’ Laced Mix)

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