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Wildlife! recently dropped his debut album titled ‘Roxy Reboot’, named after the London night club that was known as the ground zero of the late 70‘s punk/reggae exchange. The album was released digitally with some very limited edition gatefold vinyl copies..

All of the songs on ‘Roxy Reboot’ are new versions that Wildlife! created of reggae classics featuring the original veterans of London’s late 70’s punk scene, and punk covers by current Jamaican acts.

‘Roxy Reboot Remixed’ is out today and features remixes from the likes of Schlachthofbronx, Sam Tiba and Poirier amongs a host of others. Have a listen and purchase below. And grab the Schlachthofbronx remix of ‘Should I Stay Or Should I Go’ for free.

Wildlife! – Roxy Reboot Remixed

Should I Stay Or Should I Go ft. Natalie Storm (Schlachthofbronx Remix)


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