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Sharkslayer X-mix For National Radio Ylex 91.9 Fm


Breakfastklub – Everyone’s On Grass (Original Mix)
Saur – Friendly Duck (Breakfastklub Remix)
The Integrals – Mainline (Original Mix)
Ronkolino – Get High (Digital Switchover Remix)
Tarmo & Sharkslayer – Harness The Lightning (Original Mix)
All Guns Blazing – Big Badman Sound (Original Mix)
Sharkslayer – Brimstone (All Guns Blazing Remix)
Sharkslayer & Ostblockschlampen – Rule The Nation (Original Mix)
DJ Dee Ass – Medium Of Mass Destruction (Original Mix)
Sharkslayer – Warlord Walk (DJ Dee Ass Remix)
Sharkslayer & Blaze Tripp – Boss Hog (Original Mix)
Klubbaa & Trigger – I’m U (Original Mix)
Klubbaa & Trigger – The Feeling (Sharkslayer Remix)
Sharkslayer & Wool – Jackman Stomp (Bawz Remix)
Sharkslayer & Wool – Jackman Stomp (Original Mix)
The Diving Machine – Activate (Original Mix)
Sharkslayer – Dutty Laundry (Original Mix)


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