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Started in December 2008 by blog reading regular Simon Boyle, we originally went under the name of Attack! Attack! Attack!, and our address was on google’s Blogspot, before they decided all music blogs were evil and consequently we ended up being pulled down (along with a lot of other blogs at that time). We since relocated to the much better platform of WordPress as our backup (hence the old name in the address) under the new guise of Dumb Bass, and have been here ever since.

We love all forms of music, we try not to favour any one genre and as part of that (and the fact that we are hopeless at playing any instruments ourselves) we figured the best way to get ourselves involved in the industry was to endeavour to bring you the best in new artists, DJ’s and musicians. The good thing about running a blog is that you do not have to post music you aren’t particularly feeling. Therefore, you can guarantee that all the posts are something we consider to be worthy of further recognition. Congratulations if you are one of the acts we have featured, you have made us bounce about.

All material posted is for reference only, and purely for the fact that we love the music in question. We want to support the artist(s) in our own little way. We hope you enjoy and congratulate you for having good taste, but remember to support artists and buy the music.

If you own any material posted here and want it removed please drop us a line on theattackblog@hotmail.com.

2 comments on “About

  1. Rockfaud
    August 10, 2010

    Duck Sauce-Barbra Streisand and Beataucue-Wolves Remixes

    More…..coming soon….


  2. Duck Sauce-Barbra Streisand and Beataucue-Wolves Remixes

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